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The Weeknd — Wicked Games (Explicit) (Официальное видео)

The Weeknd — Wicked Games (Explicit) (Official Video)

Музыкальное видео с The Weeknd с Wicked Games (Explicit). ©: XO & Co., Inc., по исключительной лицензии Universal Republic Records, Inc., подразделения UMG …

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SHHS Version 1 Starts tonight!! PvP Raid Weeknd solos factions groups all welcome! 1 WEEK OLD SERVER. FULLY CODED. FULL CAR SPAWNS. BOOSTED MILITARY LOOT. JOIN UP TODAY!

Are you looking for a structured environment with raid rules and boosted loot? Maybe you’re looking for a fresh DayZ PvP community/experience? A modded server that forces your hand in survival. Do what you must, but realize your actions will interest others. A different side to the idea of DayZ pvp servers. We are not a NWAF deathmatch server. We are building a dedicated/healthy community. Your time on SHHS will not go to waste. Our rule set is in place to keep every aspect of DayZ in our server but also not overload the game with restrictions. We are accepting both veteran and fresh DayZ players! Factions, Groups, Solos…All welcome!! There’s never a shortage of action. Join SHHS today and experience the following:

* Instant Verification & Whitelisting
* Constant Updates
* Active Staff Support
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* Community Challenges
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* Increased food & boosted zombie spawns
* Fully Built Car Spawns
* Custom Spawn Location📍
* Interactive Discord Community
* Increased & relocated predator spawns
* Increased Helicopter Crash Spawn Rate
* 🩸 🩸 Killfeed 🩸 🩸
* Increased Base Building Tools
* ❌No buried stashes❌
* Dedicated Raid Weekend
* Purge Raiding Hours
* Feedback Oriented Server Updates
* 50 Slot Server (Med-High Pop) 🎖️
* Dedicated Growing Community

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